Demonstration and Training Centre

This page presents intro into HUTON Demonstration and training center (HUTON DTC). HUTON DTC
presents interactive training base of Web courses and and learning materials.

HUTON Demonstration and training center allows next teaching activities:
  1. Course and lessons design
  2. Adding and changing course materials
  3. Adding and changing course tasks
  4. Tasks assessment
  5. Live Chat
  6. Creating and managing tests
  7. Surveying and researching
HUTON Demonstration and training center allows next students activities:
  1. Solving tests
  2. Download the quiz material
  3. Commenting tasks
  4. Live Forum
  5. Taking part into discussions
To participate in HOUSTON training activities please send next email data to You will be shortly contact by someone from HUTON team.

E-mail data:
  1. E-mail to:
  2. E-mail subject: HUTON DTC registration
  3. E-mail body:
    1. 3.1. First name:
      3.2. Last name:
      3.3. Date od birth:
      3.4. Place of birth:
      3.5. Institution:
      3.6. City/State:
      3.7. Courses of interese:

    Already a HUTON DTC member, click the next link: